One of our amazing exhibitors can be known as Susan Tong or Tong Ka Fung. She tells Eat & Drink that having two names is a bit of a hassle but it does represent her heritage and upbringing with the two cultures – all at once very different yet like many immigrant children instilled into one.

This is the essence of her philosophy and her love of food – to explore, experiment and evolve with new spices, textures, flavours and colour forming her own interpretation of the culinary world. She told us she is at her best when she's learning about new foods – what makes it good and what elevates it to great; how does it affect the lives and community of the peoples from whom it originates.

Susan is an adventurer and a great believer of nourishing our bodies with food using whole ingredients; turning her back on mass manufactured and soulless food. Her collection of home-made authentic sauces and chilli oils uses 100% natural ingredients with recipes learned from her Parents and Grandparents. You cannot buy this from anywhere else! Visitors will be delighted with the story of the origins of each sauce, their culinary use and the intrinsic importance of truly feeding our bodies and minds with worthy whole foods that tastes amazing as nature intended.

Not to forget, there will be free tastings and recipe cards, too!

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