With so many flavours to taste and so much drink expertise to soak up, we're bringing the best of the best to Eat & Drink Festival.

The Pieroth family will be joining us in Glasgow as one of our most popular drink brands. Their tastings are the perfect way to get together with friends, learn about the different varieties of wine and how food compliments each type. Attend one of their ‘Red, White and Fizz’ masterclasses at The Drinks Station where you can sit back and sample three of their most popular wines. 

If you love a good night out in one of Glasgow’s top bars, then you must know Driftwood! Famous for their exotic cocktails and weekly night life, Driftwood will be showing us how to make classic cocktails with a special touch that you can recreate at home. The perfect way to get you in the party mood.

How about bringing 1920’s New York glamorous style to the SEC? The Anchor Line provides an extensive drinks list with their very own signature twist. We're welcoming them with open arms and empty wine glasses (ready to be filled). Make sure to have a taste of one of their special creations.

The popular Bellfield Brewery will be out to prove that dietary restrictions can’t stop you enjoying a fantastic beer. This new family run business have created the ultimate, on-trend gluten free beer. Not only does this cater for Coeliacs; anyone can enjoy the delicious taste of these traditionally brewed beers. Be sure to speak with one of their experts at the Eat & Drink Festival to learn more.

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