Glasgow, do you love food? Aye, thought so.

What about waste? Love Food Hate Waste Scotland are not a fan – it’s bad for your pocket and the planet! But never fear, they are here to help us all make the most of the food we love.

We are delighted to be have Love Food Hate Waste as a sponsor for this year’s Eat & Drink Festival where they will be cooking up a storm with Tony Singh on the main stage. He’ll be demonstrating tasty tips for reducing what you throw away with brand new recipes like Bakery Pudding, Veggie Quesadillas and more.

Every year in Scotland we throw away over 600,000 tonnes - or £1 billion worth - of food from our homes. That’s £460 a year, or £38 a month, for the average household. Most of it is good food that we simply didn’t get around to eating. By rethinking how we shop, planning our meals better and using up our leftovers, together we can make a big difference.

Keep your eyes peeled for other mentions of food-saving tips throughout the show on the Food & Drink Stage and from Zero Waste Scotland at stand L520. See you there!

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