Introducing ‘The Jingle Bus’, serving traditional Indian street food served with a large side of culture.

Khushi's will be making a return visit to the Eat & Drink Festival, so make sure to pay them a visit to enjoy a selection of their mouth-watering food! The Jingle Bus is also available for hire, so be sure to ask how The Jingle Bus could bring some Indian flavour to your party or event!

With a name like ‘The Jingle Bus’ you’ve probably already realised that there’s something very special about this outdoor catering trailer operated by Khushi’s Indian Restaurant (Best Loved Indian Restaurant in Scotland at the Scottish Curry Awards 2018) and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Decorated in the intricate and colourful style of a traditional Pakistani truck, The Jingle Bus takes its name from the sound made by the ‘jingling’ ornaments that adorn every centimetre of its free space. Mr Mohammed, owner of Khushi’s Indian Restaurant and The Jingle Bus says, ‘The food in our restaurant has always been closer to traditional home-style Indian cooking than many other curry houses and we thought what better way to take this food to festivals and private events than in a vehicle that also represents the traditional culture and style.’

In order to secure an authentic piece of this cultural truck art, Khushi’s went straight to the heart of the industry, a family owned mechanics shop in Rawalpindi in Pakistan where skills passed from father to son have been used to decorate Pakistan’s trucks and buses for decades. The practice of truck art started out as a way for truck drivers to take reminders of home with them on long journeys, and over the years drivers have used everything including metal, wood, jangling chains and shiny objects to decorate their trucks.

The brightly decorated exterior of The Jingle Bus isn’t the only thing that will grab your attention as the wondrous smells of freshly prepared food emanate from the open serving hatch. The Jingle Bus offers a selection of Indian street food from curry filled wraps to the more traditional Aloo and Chana Chaat (a spiced potato and chickpea salad). However, if curry and rice or a biryani is more to your taste then The Jingle Bus will adjust its menu to meet the specific requirements of the event host.

For that extra special party or event, when you are looking for something more than a standard burger van, The Jingle Bus is more unique, more cultural and more likely to make your function a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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