It’s nearly Father’s day, so what better way to treat the father figures in your life than with some amazing gifts at the Eat & Drink Festival Scotland! Take a look at the fantastic brands we have to offer.

Why not get your father figure a bottle of booze? Explore our range of fantastic independent brands including Dark God Rum at stand F522, Double Neat at stand F720 or O’Donnell Moonshine at stand F420. From rums, to whiskeys, to gins, to wines we’ve got your boozy gifts covered.

Is your dad a hot sauce lover? Then look no further! Check out Leithal Hot Sauces at stand F410, the Leith-born hot sauce brand for some fantastic hot sauces including the Game Over, the Ocean Terminator and the Swanny Bomb. For a taste of the tropical, visit Schoolyard Chillies at stand F312, a Ghanian chilli-based brand from Scotland that specialises in chilli flakes, meat rubs, chilli oils and more.

Gift your father figure with some delicious coffee – a dad favourite! Visit Modern Standard Coffee at stand F611 for their fantastic collection of coffees, hot chocolates, teas, syrups and more!

For Scottish roasted coffee, visit Wild Highlands at stand F818 and explore their delicious range of coffee and outdoor camping essentials!

For more on our exhibitors, check out the other great brands we’ll have at the Show, and get your tickets now.