Double Cream - 1 pint 

Milk - ½ pint

Orange juice - ¼ pint

Caster sugar - 135 grams

Gelatine leaves 3 1/2

Vanilla pods – 2



1. Cut five large oranges in half with a sharp knife, being careful not to break the orange. Squeeze a quarter of a pint of orange juice and put through a fine sieve to remove any pulp or seeds.

2. Use a spoon to scoop out the centre of the oranges, being gentle not to cut through the orange or make any holes.

3. Soak the gelatine in cold water and leave to sit at the side until later.

4. Place the caster sugar, double cream, milk, orange juice and deseeded vanilla pods into a pot. Bring up to a boiled and simmer gently for one minute.

5. Take the gelatine out the cold water, squeeze any excess water remaining in the gelatine and whisk in the pot. Pass through a fine sieve and place in a jug.

6. Pour the mix into the half oranges and place them in a fridge to set.

7. In my signature dish, I have served the panna cotta with a brandy snap, fresh Scottish raspberries and an edible mushroom meringue. 


Recipe by Theodore Chana