With many great chefs, there’s a story behind what inspired them to pursue such a career path. Eric’s story was simple: he grew up in a family of artists and chefs and was surrounded by the passion and knowledge of great foods. You could say it was in his genes.

Eric is Executive Chef at Sapporo Teppanyaki. What makes him different is his ability to think outside the box and go that one step further than others around him.

At Sapporo, they hand-pick their highly experienced chefs, and Eric was no different with his impressive achievements. For 12 years, he lived in Cyprus, working at Nippon. During his first 6 months, he started as the sous chef but quickly rose above this role, becoming the head chef for 10 years. In his time there, he became an award-winning chef, winning numerous Time Out eating awards.

Adding to his already impressive collection, Nippon won the award as the Best Japanese and Asian restaurant for four consecutive years with Eric as head chef!