Dr Katerina Vasilaki – The Mediterranean Dietitian – is a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist with a PhD from University of Glasgow. Her specialty subjects include weight management, IBS and the Mediterranean diet and she has experience working in the NHS, the private sector and in clinical research.

Born and raised on the Greek island of Corfu, Katerina is passionate about the Mediterranean Diet and way of life. She moved to Glasgow in 2006, and in 2015 she decided to set up The Mediterranean Dietitian, a website/blog that offers nutritional information, and healthy recipes based around the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

Katerina also runs a nutrition clinic at the Glasgow Medical Rooms on St Vincent Street in Glasgow city centre. Her clients are often busy professionals that have not prioritised their health for a long time and need the support from a dedicated health practitioner to get them back on track.

For more information about Katerina, her nutrition clinic and, her inspiring Mediterranean recipes, visit www.themediterraneandietitian.com

Instagram: @mediterraneandietitian

Twitter: @TheMedDietitian

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