Zoltan grew up in the Southern part of Hungary, where his family grew vegetables & fruits and kept farm animals.

He still remembers the taste of his mother's dishes or the freshly baked daily bread and the aromas of the air-dried ham that his father carefully aged or the saucissons he made.

 Today, these memories influence his cooking along with the culinary influence of Scotland and the tradition of respecting every ingredient that enters his kitchen.

 His inspiration comes from his own background, from traveling and from the ingredients from markets or the different cultures that surround him.

Zoltan believes that the gastronomic value of a dish is not given by the cost or expense of the ingredients used in it; instead it's given by the flavour, colour, texture and balance of the produce and by maintaining its original character. His cooking style is simple, honest and kept along traditional lines, using modern techniques and execution.